What happens when a narcissist is unmasked and his secrets are revealed?

Written by Veronica Welles, Quora.

As long as the narcissist can hide or stay hidden, their full toxicness will not be deployed. They stay hidden as long as you are still blind to their true nature.

But if they become aware that you know their full nature (and they may not see themselves as a Narcissist, but they know that they are toxic, poisonous, vicious, cruel, abusive, etc. they know they are bad, although they may not know their true name), all hell is unleashed.

A narcissist without cover is a berserk narcissist.

Their cruelty will escalate 2x or maybe 10x.

Instead of just emotional cruelty, now physical cruelty may also take place.

They may decide to target what’s dearest and most precious to you, your finances, (kill) your pets, (burn) your memoirs, (burn) your unpublished book, (poison and brainwash) your children (against you), anything you naively revealed to them is precious.

Before you proudly declare to your narcissist that you know who they are, make full preparations. All hell is about to break loose.

The toxicness, destructiveness, and cruelty you see from a narcissist is nothing compared to when they see nothing left to hide from you.

There is the concealed narcissist. And then there is the unmasked narcissist.

It’s the same person, but the unmasked narcissist may be 10x worse, 10x more cruel, 10x more destructive, 10x more psychotic.

Even what the narcissist does and reveals to their scapegoat is still not their truest, most authentic self. Their truest, most authentic self comes out when there’s nothing left to hide, when the scapegoat reveals that they know why the narcissist is so cruel.

Maybe there is still some shred of delusion and conceit the narcissist clings onto that keeps them believing they are good people after all. Take that away from them, and they will have no more reason to believe they were ever good. Then whatever restraint that conceit of goodness they used to have will be lifted.

Get very far away from them before they ever get to show you their truest self.

Veronica Welles writes about narcissism, you can follow her on Quora. She has a depth of insight that helps with understanding this particular type of insanity in a way that lifts confusion, removes cognitive dissonance, and aids healing in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse. 
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