An ode to Fukaya

Can an illness be a Narcissistic experience? Sure it can! When it comes from the long-entrenched arrogance of the medical profession — when they deny they did it to you, when they abuse you for having it and say it's your own fault, when no one believes you. When the gaslighting permeates every governing body … Continue reading An ode to Fukaya

two hearts. a poem.

  your tender heart beats no more still though decades past I feel your will for childish hurts can’t represent a heart that is broken and cannot repent the ashes of time with aches of yon lives fill each with remorse and each with their drive drawn pale lips so tender and hair in soft … Continue reading two hearts. a poem.

the trick with peas. a poem.

From my perch I could smell, my tummy’s delight My fav’rite was frying, it’s mushrooms tonight! Set the table with dishes, the command came so quick I jumped off my perch, and started to pick Hot dishes held gently, as steam yawned out wide From mom’s brand new dishwasher, which was her great pride Patricia … Continue reading the trick with peas. a poem.

think of me. a poem.

If I ever see you Will you look away? If I ever see you Will I remember it true? Will I ever see you? Will I hug you? Or hit you? My arms, will they lie? My face, will it mask? The pain of you The thought of you The everywhere of you. The joy … Continue reading think of me. a poem.